How to shine at B2B appointment setting

B2B appointment setting is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Often the key to achieving business targets and goals, appointment setting is the factor that brings your sales force and your potential new clients together. As well as being one of the most essential parts of telemarketing, appointment setting is one of the most challenging and feared. However, since few relationships in business can begin without first speaking directly to the potential client, appointment setting is something most professional sales people will need to master and get comfortable with at some point in their careers.

It’s all about the client

When working towards making an appointment, it’s important that the whole B2B appointment setting campaign is entirely focused on the client, their needs, and their preferences. By asking meaningful questions and dovetailing the discussion around the potential client’s interests, a telemarketer is more likely to earn the clients time in successfully generating a meeting to take the discussion further. Additionally, by focusing on the client and their needs, the B2B appointment setting process will create opportunities that have a greater chance of converting to long term relationships; because they were based on good initial interactions that have won the confidence of the client.

Giving the prospect space

Telemarketers should make it clear that the product or service they’re offering will benefit the potential client. They should try to avoid giving the impression that failing to set an appointment or make a sale will negatively impact on them or their business. And remember, B2B appointment setting isn’t designed to close sales, it’s designed to open up opportunities for long term relationships that are fruitful for both parties. So it’s important to give clients options about whether they would find a meeting helpful or if they’d prefer another call in the weeks or months to follow. Allowing a potential client space to reflect and consider their personal choices is increasingly important in B2B appointment setting and sales. In fact, Harvard Business review says ‘As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal concerns that business customers bring to the purchase process are increasingly important’. These so-called Elements of Value are key to how a company appears to a potential buyer. The face-time they are awarded as a result and the eventual outcome of the relationship, all inevitably evolves from the ability of the telemarketer to engage a potential buyer sensitively.

Confirm the contact

It’s essential that telemarketers confirm they’re setting appointments with the right person. The sales force needs to know they’re speaking directly to the decision maker, otherwise, they’ll be wasting their time as well as the potential client’s time. Taking a moment to confirm the appointment is with the right person will give the meeting a better chance of success and get the sales force off on the right foot.

Focus on the task in hand

The main goal in B2B appointment setting curiously is not to set an appointment, it’s to communicate the benefits of a product with a view to setting an appointment. It’s a crucial difference that telemarketers sometimes fail to appreciate. They should avoid trying to sell products or services to the prospect and instead keep the focus of the call on the benefits of the product. It also gives them the opportunity to tailor their call to suit the requirements of the prospect and give themselves space to answer questions and offer solutions. It’s then up to the sales force to move things forward and take full advantage of the hard work the initial telemarketer has done.

As appointment setting is such a fine art, many companies outsource the task to third parties. This helps to ensure the job is done well and often gives telemarketing campaigns a greater chance of success. To find out more, or to learn about the services we provide, explore our site today.

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