B2B lead generation, where first impressions last

B2B lead generation is definitely one area of business where no matter what your role, sector, or industry, first impressions matter. Though it may be a cliché, it’s true that you only have one opportunity to make a good impression because, as well as getting your B2B lead generation off to a good start, a strong first impression will lay the foundation for a long term relationship. The impact of those first moments can go on to create a partnership that gives you and your business a client you can work with for years to come.

First impressions

Though first impressions take just moments to form – according to Business Insider, it’s only seven seconds – their impact can be very long lasting. Come across as aggressive, bored or, untrustworthy, and your brand’s reputation could be in tatters before you’ve even launched your pitch. They add that the key message here is preparation. People who think they can always wing it, bluff their way past tough questions, or expect the other party to bridge all the gaps, sadly often find that what they think is a win, is actually a loss which can never be regained. On the other hand, come across as friendly, reliable, passionate and knowledgeable and your B2B lead generation could be on track for success from the start.

Making a good first impression

Recovering from a bad first impression can be difficult at the best of times when you’re trying to engage a new potential client over the phone, it can be all but impossible. This means it’s essential for salespeople to make a good first impression if they want to reach the right buyers and create new exciting B2B lead generation opportunities for their business.

Though there are no hard and fast rules for making a good first impression, there are many good techniques to help us make sure we embark on the B2B lead generation journey successfully.


As we’ve said numerous times before, it’s really important to smile as you dial. This simple but powerful technique gives your voice a more engaging tone and puts you in a more positive frame of mind. As it turns out the simple smile can help us in other ways too. According to The Best Brain Possible when you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides. These are nerve proteins that regulate the way cells communicate with each other, they influence your brain, body, and behaviour in many major ways including your learning and memory, helping negate stress, aiding sleep, and elevating mood. Who knew? Now that’s definitely something to smile about.

See happy images  

Another technique we use is positive visualisation: we ask our team to think about the person they’re calling, visualise their face and focus on the positive outcome of the call. We suggest they reflect on the last time they were really happy with a B2B lead generation interaction they had when they achieved something remarkable. This helps the salesperson to engage with the contact on a more human level and gives them a better chance of a successful outcome. We also encourage our telemarketers to get excited about the product or service they’re promoting by focusing on its competitive benefits before they pick up the phone. This enthusiasm will come across in the call, helping to create a great first impression.

Improving your technique

By continually working to improve the quality of the first impression you and your team make, you can help your sales department to achieve its goals and create positive relationships with the companies you contact. If you need help developing your telemarketing techniques, or if you think there’s more your team could learn from us, get in touch with Blue Donkey today.

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