Negative impacts that b2b telemarketing companies try to avoid

A negative brand impression can be hard to recover from, particularly where it’s the first impression a potential client gets about a business. For b2b telemarketing companies, this is an important consideration and one that means we spend a lot of time crafting calls that resonate in a buyer’s mind positively. Telemarketers are often the first contact a company has with new potential clients so making sure your team know how to make a good impression is essential if you want your telemarketing campaigns to succeed.


As all b2b telemarketing companies know, if there’s one thing that decision makers dislike more than anything else, it’s callers who come on too strong. Diving into a sales patter before you’ve taken the time to build rapport or warmth with the decision maker will make your telemarketers seem pushy and ham-fisted. This could easily lead someone to a negative impression of your brand. According to CRM software experts Hubspot “there’s this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. But we know there’s a better way to grow. One where what’s good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul”. Hubspot maintain that respect is key to success in today’s markets, and say that customers don’t want to be harassed by salespeople, they want to be helped, and so presenting information in a way that’s both respectful and intelligent will protect the integrity of your brand and give your teams a better sense of meaningful work.

Questions questions

Asking questions is an essential part of building a positive brand impression not just for b2b telemarketing companies but for anyone using the telephone to engage with clients or potential clients. If your team fails to create an authentic two-way dialog, they risk alienating decision makers, burning through precious data or simply becoming disillusioned with their lack of positive achievement. In addition to creating a productive conversation, asking questions gives telemarketers an opportunity to uncover more about the prospect and demonstrate that they have their interests at heart.

Gently does it

Good connections and a strong product or service offered to the right organisation and buyer will help influence people to act. So b2b telemarketing companies will always seek to ensure that where a potential buyer isn’t ready to take the next steps, there is a default objective to gently gain consent for another call at an agreed time. It pays to have patience and build the relationship around the potential buyer’s needs and objectives, not our own. In the short term, setting aside the desire to generate a lead, in favour of managing the relationship for some point in the future, when there may be a decision pending, or a new budget coming up, is a better experience for all involved. If the data is properly selected and the call is strong, you can usually expect to generate a positive outcome, but that may not necessarily be a lead, it may be an opportunity to speak again. For b2b telemarketing companies, it’s mission-critical to be mindful that the most valuable relationships invariably take time to nurture.


Ideally, telemarketers need to be able to answer questions that decision makers may have. This means they need a good working knowledge of your company, your products, and your services, so they can discuss the benefits of what you offer and make a compelling case for why you’re the best option out there. Outsourced b2b telemarketing companies may not always know everything about a clients’ product or service offering, in which case they won’t blag, pretend, or swerve the question.

Instead, it’s much more satisfying to simply say ‘that’s an interesting question, I don’t know the answer, is there a particular reason why that’s important to you?’ Turning the challenge into an opportunity to be honest and open up the discussion, is far more rewarding than putting up a pretence or allowing ourselves to feel deflated by the failure to know absolutely everything.

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