Personality types and B2B telemarketing

For many years pushy sales techniques were as popular in B2B telemarketing as they were in other areas of sales. The term ‘hunger’ was often used to describe unyielding and headstrong personality types that were deemed advantageous to sales success. These personalities were often ‘not bovvered’ about the negative consequences of hard-selling for those on the receiving end of their transactions, and chose instead to focus on the delivery of results. Extremely successful in its day, this notion of single-minded selling was used around the world for decades.

Fortunately, the modern sales landscape is changing and a new more caring approach has become mission-critical for sales professionals who expect to win career-long relationships and networks with the community of buyers they connect with. Indeed, buyers are now pickier about who they buy from, making an inextricable link between caring people and a reputable brand. What’s more, professional B2B telemarketing operations now have a low boiling-point for pushy salespeople. They know that short term selling can lead to long term reputational damage and pain. So yes, they are definitely bovvered, and no they are not likely to hire a personality that refuses to associate with the needs of others.

There is a lot of fascination around personality type and suitability for certain roles, and much has been said about introducing the right personality types to a sales team. According to psychometrics experts Personality Growth, there are 8 Jungian Cognitive Functions that make up Myers Briggs personalities, so where some people excel at being a salesperson, others hate the job based largely on personality type.

Problems with pushy ‘foot in the door’ selling

Pushy selling techniques where a salesperson persuades someone to accept a modest request (the foot in the door) before getting them to agree to a much larger one are still used. However, buyers see past such attempts now. Decision makers tend to respond poorly to these kinds of techniques as it implies there’s some deception going on. No one likes to feel like they’re having the wool pulled over their eyes. Using ‘foot in the door’ can also compel decision makers to buy products or services they don’t really need. This can damage the relationship between the salesperson and the prospect and can limit their future business interactions.

The ‘carer’ personality type

Instead of working a call to suit their objectives and goals, intelligent telemarketers are placing the prospect’s needs and requirements at the centre of the conversation. Rather than making the call solely about closing, B2B telemarketing involves talking to decision makers, finding out about their specific requirements and tailoring services accordingly. By genuinely caring about clients, and by listening to their queries and objections, sales professionals can build trust and lay the foundations for a productive business relationship.

Benefits of the ‘carer’ personality

In the long run, this approach can be far more beneficial than the pushier ‘foot in the door’ technique. By caring about prospects, working to meet the needs of a decision maker and listening to objections, queries and questions, salespeople can begin to build a trusting and productive business relationship. These types of relationships often last longer than those built on ‘foot in the door’ sales calls. This means that over time the prospect may become a more lucrative lifetime customer.

Using a caring personality in sales calls is often more beneficial to the telemarketers as well. Rather than forcing them to sell, sell, sell, it allows them the time and the space to properly connect with the prospect and to adjust their sales approach accordingly.

Revising tried and tested techniques, innovating on familiar methods and staying up to date with changing trends are vital in telemarketing. To find out more about modern approaches to telemarketing or for more advice on getting the most out of your telemarketing campaigns explore our site today.

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