Piano keys illustrating how to create successful B2B telemarketing

For successful B2B telemarketing all elements of the call need to be carefully thought through and expertly sculpted. Calls, whether inbound or outbound, to existing or potential customers, using cold or warm data, need to take the appropriate shape in order to achieve a warm positive outcome.

At Blue Donkey, we call this careful orchestration of the telemarketing process ‘mood music’. The style and rhythm by which the call unfolds, the dialog flow, and manner in which calls resonate with decision makers on the receiving end, all influence the success of the call and the likelihood of a long-term business relationship developing from the contact. As well as helping to boost the success rate of B2B telemarketing, getting the mood music right will maximise the customer experience and increase the chance of the call generating successful relationships and leads.


Call tempo refers to the pace of the conversation. The speed of the messaging delivered, the quality of open questions and the responsiveness of the contact all have a big influence on the tempo. When the tempo is right, the call is more likely to generate the desired outcome.

When making sales calls telemarketers often dive into their pitch far too quickly. Nerves, fatigue or pressure to reach targets can sometimes cause people to start their calls off too quickly and speed through making it difficult for the contact to engage with them. Far from building rapport, this habit can serve to place barriers in the way of effective communication. A good tempo can be achieved by the caller using a natural pace, listening and visualising the person they’re speaking with, and responding appropriately. This helps the contact to feel like they matter and gives the call a far better chance of success.


(We saw you sit up straight then!) Posture is incredibly important when making a sales call, even more so than in a face to face interaction. This is because our posture ultimately creates the sound we use, it’s the ‘tool of the trade’ in B2B telemarketing. Often, when we’re tired, unmotivated, or in fear of making a cold call, we automatically assume a slight stooped position at our desks. This will cause the callers voice to sound suppressed or like they are lacking confidence. Like a wind instrument, the human body creates a clearer brighter sound along straight lines. Sitting straight or standing up and looking upwards will help telemarketers create a tone that’s clear and energetic so their pitch comes off more confidently.


When we talk to people face to face, we use our words, our body language and our tone to get our meaning across and engage our counterpart. As body language can’t be read over the phone, it’s left to the tone we use to convey subtle ideas and connect with the person we’re speaking to. The tone you use during a sales call can impact on everything from the perceived credibility of your words to the empathy of your message.

In general, high tones indicate excitement and enthusiasm. However too many high tones can come across as contrived. Low tones on the other hand are calming, welcoming and engaging, but go too low and your call could come across as boring. By using a combination of tones, and being mindful to avoid overuse of any particular pitch, you can engage your contact and draw them into the conversation.


The way we use language will be an important success factor in B2B telemarketing. The words we choose and how they cascade are the key to our success, with positive words, descriptive phrases and easy to understand pitches helping salespeople to connect with their contacts and communicate their message. Removing words like ‘maybe’, ‘could’ and ‘might’ from the telemarketing vocabulary and replacing them with words like ‘can’, ‘do’ and ‘will’, makes a call more positive, more confident and more trustworthy.

Unlike face-to-face contact, talking on the telephone is a learned behaviour. By using the right tone, the right words, the right posture and the right tempo, you, and your team, can ensure your calls resonate with your potential customers and that your sales campaign gets the results it needs. If you need help honing these essential skills, get in touch with Blue Donkey to find out how we can help.


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