Telemarketing selections

Identifying the best companies and buyers to target your message to is one of the toughest gigs in telemarketing. At Blue Donkey we’re a little intimidated by projects where clients say, “we can sell to anyone”. In such circumstances, our sage advice is always: let’s find the ones who will spend more, will be happiest, or that you can convert in the quickest time possible!

Which one’s your favourite favourite?

Even a talented and passionate sales team won’t have much success with a telemarketing or lead generation campaign if they’re targeting everyone, or simply the wrong group of prospects. You need to ensure you’ve done enough market research. It’s important to have clear goals and reasoning about which selection suits you. If your criteria is simply too vague, you may not have a clear enough idea about who your customer is, what they want, and what you have to do to survive competition in your market. In such circumstances, your telemarketing campaign may not achieve its full potential. Yes, you may get sales, but they will cost more and take longer than they might otherwise.

Choose the right potential client selection on the other hand, and your campaign should see real results. Every call your team dials will secure a greater chance of growing your sales pipeline, and they’ll be more likely to connect with companies and individuals who have a genuine interest and want to talk about what you’re offering. Additionally, the companies you target will be appropriate buyers who are able to make the required investment.

Marketing Strategy

Identifying and selecting the right customer segments to target, is core to a good marketing strategy. In turn, if you know exactly what you want to achieve from your telemarketing campaign because it’s consistent with your company’s marketing strategy, it will be easier for you to decide exactly which demographic or segment is most relevant for your call list. Decide if you’re trying to raise brand awareness, create lead generation, or develop existing relationships; think about the needs of the businesses you’re contacting and make sure everyone on your team knows exactly what your goals are and what metrics will be required to reach them. According to Cranfield University, a clear marketing strategy focuses on the customer. Unlike a business plan, it will help you to clarify who you should sell to, what you should sell them, and why they should buy from you rather than a competitor.


Your database should be reliable and complete with the information needed to make a value judgement and set targets around potential conversion rates. If your database has been carefully put together and your sales team has taken the time to keep adding or appending up to date information, it should be infinitely possible to build a target call list using relevant selection criteria. As the database will form the foundation of your telemarketing campaign, ensuring the information you’re using is up to date, well put together and correct is essential. If you don’t think your database is up to scratch, it’s well worth investing time and resources in bringing it up to date. To make the best use of your database, we can help you to refine it and make it work for you.

If you’d like to find out more about choosing the right customer selections, or if you want to know more about market research, we can help. Give us a call today, to speak to one of the expert members of our team – or take a look around our site.

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