The difference between inbound and outbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is essentially the process of making cold calls to generate new relationships with target buyers. It’s one of those tasks where you have to get to know your product and service passionately enough to ‘want’ to tell people about it. If you select data intelligently and compliantly your calls WILL be a success. But you have to make lots of them, concentrate on a person in your mind’s eye – so you don’t sound like a robot, and you have to be prepared to make lots of dials. Contrary to urban myth, dealing with rejection should not have to be a necessary key skill. If the calls you make are good, and your data selection is right, at worst, your prospects won’t be interested now! As opposed to not interested full stop.

Inbound calls are different to outbound telemarketing in two big ways, the obvious being that the potential customer is calling you, you’re not calling them. The second is that the selling relationship has to have begun before the call, so some form of desire must be created in order to make them want to pick up the phone to you.

Understanding the benefits of each approach and the relationship between the two helps your company to connect with its target audience and run successful outbound telemarketing or inbound campaigns.

Inbound telemarketing

With Inbound campaigns, by the time the telephone rings, the potential customer is already familiar with the brand. However, in order for these calls to be successful telemarketers still need to warm up the relationship as quickly as possible. In most cases, customers making inbound calls will have spoken to rival companies before picking up the phone so they will be sensitive to what’s available. Differentiating your product or service at this point is the main challenge, so the telemarketer has to make their brand stand out from the start.

As with outbound telemarketing, a good way to do this is to ask questions in order to identify a customer’s needs and requirements. Listening and understanding are a big part of inbound telemarketing.

Outbound telemarketing

Telemarketing is a professional discipline and finding success in telemarketing takes skill, experience, and systems. Telemarketers need to make an impressive impact and create rapport if they are to engage potential customers successfully. This means they need to begin to lay the foundations of a productive business relationship within moments of picking up the phone.

Creating this connection is challenging enough but if you rely on scripts and prescriptive formulas, building rapport will be almost impossible. No one enjoys speaking to a person reading from a script – you might as well talk to a robot. Instead of using scripts, Blue Donkey creates outbound telemarketing that produces intelligent free flowing dialogue that will produce results again and again.

By putting a bright, charismatic, and intelligent personality on the front line of outbound telemarketing, and ensuring they are supported with strong products, campaigns will engage buyers positively and powerfully enough to win their confidence.

Outbound telemarketing doesn’t hurt

Making outbound calls is an important part of telemarketing. However, the challenges of connecting with a potential customer and creating a rapport are even greater when your call is unexpected. Outbound telemarketing is often known as ‘cold calling’ and as branding experts marketingmo say “the phrase cold calling sends chills down the spines of many business people.  It’s often viewed as an intimidating, difficult, and boring process”.

At Blue Donkey we believe that an outbound cold call is only ‘cold’ when it leaves the customer feeling cold. Rather than using scripts and formulaic questions, we use natural conversation and a two-way dialogue to leave potential customers feeling warmer about the brand and the opportunities it provides.

Inbound and outbound telemarketing can be incredibly powerful. It helps businesses to connect with their customers, boost brand awareness, and find out a little more about their target audience. To find out more about the benefits of telemarketing, or to speak to our expert team about your business’ telemarketing needs, get in touch today.

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