What lead generation companies do about leaving messages

We’ve all been there. Call after call of reaching nobody. Lead generation companies have thrived from the frustration this causes sales professionals and their organisations. After all, they can’t even begin to do their job until they’ve got the attention of a potential buyer or decision maker.

In fact, lack of efficiency has been one of the main drivers for companies deciding to outsource their telemarketing to specialists like Blue Donkey. Gatekeeper skills, databases, QA systems, and voice techniques, all help lead generation companies to generate better contact rates than their clients. However, it’s absolutely the case that they have barriers which stop them from reaching their targets too. And frustrations are equally felt, if not more since outsourced providers are on the phone 100% of the time.

It’s a phone, not a magic wand

Lead generation companies have the same limitations as inhouse teams where getting through to the right people is concerned. There are certain facts that have to be faced. Firstly, there is no technique that can get you through to someone who’s not at their desk, or at the receiving end of a phone. And secondly, there’s no magic that you can deploy to get someone off the phone if they’re already engaged in another conversation. So, should you leave a message and let them come back to you when they’re ready.

Leave a message for them to return your call?

In a word, no. Expert lead generation companies like Blue Donkey would not ordinarily leave a message for a decision maker to call them back. At Blue Donkey we certainly don’t advocate it.

Even if they did return the call, there’s a risk they’d be annoyed at being asked to return a marketing call. Especially if it wasn’t clear that it was a marketing call. And who leaves a message saying ‘can x call me back because I want to sell him something’. There is one exception. For certain campaigns, where the limit for how many dials can be made to a number has been reached. In such instances, some clients using lead generation companies may suggest they leave a message as a last touch. In this case, the message needs to be clear and gentle.

How many times should you attempt someone?

You may or may not be surprised to know that it can take between 8 to 13 dials to reach some decision makers. The best lead generation companies will have systems in place to carefully measure and limit the number and frequency of attempts. This is designed to prevent any risk of nuisance caused by repeat attempts.

You should never dial the same number more than 3 times in a week. So if the receptionist recognises your voice, you’re dialling them too often. And never ever, ever, just keep hitting redial. Getting the attention of a senior decision maker is a privilege, not a right. So good lead generation companies will invest the time and effort required to reach them.

Retain the control element

If you’ve left a message asking for a callback, you’ve handed control of the relationship over to the potential buyer. You might suppose that you’ve nothing to lose, someone might call you back. However, that’s very like sending a message in a bottle. There is a possibility someone will respond, but it’s remote. Not a great survival plan.

Retaining control of the call or contact record is important for managing your potential customer universe. The number of well profiled prospects in your B2B database is likely to be limited. So why give control away when you can just try again another day. Lead generation companies view data as a precious resource. At Blue Donkey we believe every record could turn into a gamechanger relationship for our clients. So we treasure the record and take careful steps to maximise the experience that’s propagated from it.

Data is the lifeblood of any B2B marketing campaign. So, it’s important to respect the principles of best practice in the way you manage and control records. From the number of dials, to where and how you create messaging or leave messages. According to Forbes “not only is it important to have a clean database with high-quality information so that you have accurate contact information, but also so you can create targeted segments for a better chance of actually connecting with your audience in a meaningful and fruitful way”.

Our 22 years make Blue Donkey are one of the most established lead generation companies around. Talk to us today about how our expert teams can help you reach your next gamechanger client.

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